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    1. is 100% free to play.
    2. prizes are funded entirely by advertising. You cannot buy anything or deposit any monies on
    3. Once you have successfully registered on, in each 1 hour period you will be able to collect 3 free plays if you log in at during that 1 hour period. Uncollected plays will automatically expire.
    4. You can earn instant free plays by performing social tasks as listed on the “Get More Plays” tab.
    5. You can access all the games and features of on your mobile, desktop, or tablet.
    6. When you register at you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
    7. Before you can play, you must select your numbers. Select between 1-12 numbers by clicking the numbers you want on the game board or by pressing “Auto Pick” and 12 random numbers will be selected for you.
    8. If you would like to clear the game board of the selected numbers, you can press “Clear Numbers” and a fresh game board will be presented to you to select new numbers.
    9. Play with the maximum 12 numbers to try and win the Jackpot Prize. Play with less than 12 numbers to try for smaller prizes.
    10. The prizes that are available to be won are listed in the prize display area. The prize display area updates each time you select or de-select a number. If you win a prize with a cash value it will be added to your “Winnings”. If you win a prize that consists of more “Free Plays”, your balance of free plays will increase.
    11. If you win a prize on, you may complete a Prize Request form to receive your prize. Access the prize request form by pressing the “bill” icon on the game board. Make sure to include your correct contact email and any other details about your account that we might need to contact you and process your winnings.
    12. The minimum Prize Request amount is $100.00. Any prize winnings for less than $100.00 will stay in the winning account as a credit. When a Prize is paid the winnings in an account will be deducted.
    13. All prizes on are paid in online gift certificates. If online gift certificates are not offered in your jurisdiction we will work with you to find a suitable alternative.
    14. You can turn the sound on/off by pressing the “audio” button on the game board.
    15. You can change your password in the My Account section. Click the “gear” icon on the game board to view My Account. Enter your new password in the space provided and press “Save”.
    16. Your play on must adhere to the Terms and Conditions. Any accounts found to be in violation of the Terms and Conditions will be suspended and all winnings will be forfeited.
    17. You may only have one account at Anyone found to have multiple accounts will have their accounts closed and any pending Prize Requests and winnings will be cancelled.
    18. You must be 18 years old to play. Anyone playing under the age of 18 will have their account suspended and any winnings revoked.
    19. Should you notice anything not functioning properly on please write to us immediately using the “Contact Us” form found on the game page.
    20. Good luck and have fun!
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