Connecticut Loves Keno

The government of Connecticut revealed to the public its new proposals which includes a major push for keno to the state’s residents. The government hopes that keno winnings will help to pay for many state programs that are currently in deficit.

The Connecticut Games & Wagering committee leader Mrs. Noble said that projections for keno from the state could make over $5,000,000 within the initial 12 months after accounting for all of the sunk expenses. The revenues from keno could rise to over $30,000,000 a year by 2017.

While the issue of gambling problems stemming from games of chance like keno was raised, Mr. Berger, head of a finance committee stated that the bill offers plenty more than just creating income for Connecticut. Mr. Berger spoke regarding how important it is that the state lottery corporation remains competitive.

“It’s unfair to the Connecticut Lottery to say that, if we institute keno, then Connecticut’s going to be like Atlantic City,” Berger said. “That’s a whole different model.”

Berger and Noble stated that the gaming corporation contributes to gambling addiction programs to help those in need.

While the state will be pursuing it’s keno strategy, there are many residents who have concerns. A similar law was repealed in 2014 because the public did not want more gambling. There was a poll conducted that found voters were not in favour of keno.

Increased gambling operations by individual states is commonplace as budget deficits are rampant. If voters do not want games of chance to balance the budget, they must learn to dig into their own pockets and pay more tax or face a decrease in state services.

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Connecticut to launch keno games.

Why I Like Keno

The thing I like most about keno is watching the numbers come.  There’s nothing like seeing the one’s you’ve picked light up and your chance at the big prize coming one number closer.

A lot of people like playing poker or betting on horses – which I’m sure is fun.  But for me it’s the number games.  I like keno, bingo, and casino.

Bingo is fun because of the social aspects.  But it’s very hard to win.

Casino is fun because the prizes are huge.  But it can get very expensive.

I always find myself coming back to keno because it offers a great balance of a fun and interactive game in a casual environment.  The chance is there for a big prize, and it doesn’t cost much to play.

I decided to launch to offer players from around the world a place to enjoy keno with real cash prizes absolutely free.  I hope you’ll give it a try and I hope you win the Mega Jackpot!

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Keno is the best!